Airport Angels truly believe that it is the ‘little things’ that make a ‘big difference’ in our service provision. I am a mum, my mum is a joint director of our company and my son oversees all the operations at Heathrow, my daughter has just started her training to take on a position at Heathrow this summer and many of our staff are friends of the family. We ‘get’ it ! The majority of our business comes to us via recommendation, we care, we build relationships with parents who use us on a regular basis and I believe this is the key to our success.

As a mum myself I can put myself in the position of the mums and dads who are arranging travel for their children without being by their side. It’s a fantastic opportunity for chidren to come to the UK for Language Study programmes, attend our prestigious boarding schools to gain a superb education or just simply to visit family here or overseas. However much we want to give our children these experiences, it’s us the parents that are left with the worry of the journey especially if they are not seasoned travellers.

As a company we hope that we have considered many of these worries and have put some ‘little things’ in place to ease the stress !

  • We have a friendly team of staff, young and older, male and female, many of them with children and grandchildren of their own.
  • We don’t subcontract our work out, we use our staff at all times.
  • Regular users of our services build up a relationship with our staff. They know who will be meeting them when they come off the plane. We try to ensure that if a child requests a particular staff member we do our best to make sure they can provide the service.
  • Prior to our service being carried out we provide a photo, mini bio and contact number of the Airport Angel who will be meeting your son or daughter.
  • We are happy for our staff to text parents at any point (as requested) to assure them that their young ones are safe.
  • We accept requests from parents prior to the service which could include; ensuring the child changes up some money, buys food for their journey or that they are taken to eat prior to boarding the aircraft.
  • We stay with the children at all times. Even if they are not keen on being looked after, we appreciate that the parents have requested the service and it is our job to ensure they are cared for throughout their arrival or departure.
  • We will take or meet the children from a pre-arranged taxi, National Express Coach, tube, train or from the person dropping them at the airport.
  • If you require taxi services for young ones we have a dedicated team of drivers who work closely with Airport Angels and are great with the children.
  • In the case of delays, missed or cancelled flights, Airport Angels will liaise with parents/schools to work out a solution. Children will remain in our care until alternative arrangements are in place.

Please see below some testimonials we have recieved from parents…….

  • Many thanks for your kind assistance. I am very pleased with the service and your Airport Angel has been an invaluable help for us yesterday .I will certainly call you again.
  • Just wanted to say thank you again for your Airport Angel Services and Alex making yesterday’s arrival at Heathrow T3  go smoothly.
    It’s been a pleasure using the service.
  • I am very pleased for my cooperation with you. Thank you very much. I would definitely recommend you to other parents. I wish you the best!
  • Thank you for everything Siobhan, you really are an absolute angel!
  • Many thanks I will let all my world know about you!!