So, you have decided to send your child to a language school in England, amazing! They will be able to improve their English, make new friends and eat lots of fish and chips! But where do you send them to? There are so many amazing cities that England has to offer, for a number of different reasons. Each year we assist thousands of children through the airport and onwards to many of these cities, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most frequently visited of them all!


It had to be on the list didn’t it. Who doesn’t want to visit the capital city? It is currently the third most visited city in the world with only Paris and New York above it and there are so many reasons as to why. For starters, Buckingham Palace; Queen Elizabeth II’s most well-known residence, with a chance to see the changing of the guard and the home of the royal jewels it’s a must see for anyone visiting. For the younger children, Leicester square is the place to be! M&M world sits in the centre, which will keep kids drooling at the mouth for hours whilst trapesing up and down its many floors of chocolatey goodness. For the slightly older children, just up the road is Oxford Street, one of the best places to shop in Europe.

We mustn’t forget the history and scenic values of the city either though, as it is most certainly a place for the children to learn as well. Tours that lead you past some of the oldest and most influential buildings in British history such as The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and many more, or if it’s a spooky tour you want, take the underground down to the river and enter The London Dungeons!

There really is so much for your children to do here and it is an experience that everyone dreams of, however most schools wherever they are, will do at least one day trip here during your child/children’s stay, so they should get a chance to visit even if you don’t choose to place them there. Also, keep in mind that ‘London prices’ are a real thing and everything is just that bit more expensive.


If it’s beautiful medieval buildings that your child is in to, there is no better place. From the grounds of the world-famous university, to Oxford Castle, there isn’t a street you can go down without walking past these majestic establishments, with the tours to match. Including the Harry Potter tour! Yes, that’s right, Oxford was used as filming locations for a number of the most famous shots in the H.P films. There are also plenty of different museums to enjoy.

Oxford really is a beautiful city and a calm one as well. Away from the hustle and bustle of London you really can soak in the English culture, whilst never being too far away from one of the many parks within the city, that are just as beautiful as the buildings which surround them.


The friendly rivals of Oxford when it comes to the universities, with both being as famous as each other when it comes to education. The similarities don’t end with there. Cambridge, like Oxford has some wonderful buildings and some fantastic museums to keep the interests of children for hours. If you were placed in the centre of both without knowing where you were, it wouldn’t be easy to tell the difference. There is also a theme park and a wildlife park close by, so again, no shortage of things to do.

If you like the look of Oxford, you’ll like the look of Cambridge. Both offer similar things and are roughly the same distance from London, with Cambridge situated further towards the East of England.


Now we get on to the seaside towns and there isn’t a more English seaside experience than Bournemouth. With its beautiful sandy beach and fish and chips restaurants in their herds, it truly is a fun filled city during the summer months. Your children will never get bored during their spare time here. Taking a walk along the seafront you will come across a range of things to do, including the fairground rides, the oceanarium, water sports for the more adventurous and of course the pier.

Very different to everywhere we’ve previously spoken of, but just as enjoyable.


Second on our seaside town list is Brighton, further east from Bournemouth and with much of the same appeal. The beaches aren’t quite as sandy as Bournemouth (it’s all pebbles here), but you can still enjoy the same seaside attractions as any other seaside town. The pier, the fairground rides and the hundreds of ice cream vans are all still around. What makes Brighton slightly different though is the feel of the inner city. If you head to The Lanes close to the city centre, there are a number of great shops and restaurants that has a feeling more like London than a seaside town.

It is an incredibly diverse city with again, an easy link to London, your children would have so many different things to look forward to.


Last but by no means least of our seaside locations is Torquay. Right out to the South West of England in Devon. This town is slightly different from the previous two above. It is not quite as traditional as Brighton and Bournemouth but there is a wonderful identity to it. It has a beautiful marina and some fun adventures to go on, such as Kent’s Cavern cave tour. Being in Devon, if your school provides it, trips to some of the best surfing beaches in England are just up the road as well. And don’t forget to try the Cornish Pasties!


Finally, we have the charming Canterbury. This town probably sits alongside the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, with its Medieval castles, the famous Canterbury Cathedral and Museums a plenty, it has a real homely feel to it. Situated in Kent it is probably the smallest town on the list, but I feel that that adds to the appeal.

Another place that oozes historical landmarks to go with its beautiful country walks, if you want your child to experience a quaint, calm English town, this is the place to be.


So, there we have it, a quick guide to some of the best towns and cities to send your children to for the summer of 2021. Each place has its own advantages, but wherever you send them to learn and improve their English, you can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll have a great time!