Seven Benefits of Our Meet and Assist Airport Service

Whether our meet and assist with you begins at the plane, your taxi or the arrivals hall, we know that you will find the experience a helpful one. But why is it that we are able to help you? And what else is it that we bring to the table? Here are seven benefits to our Meet and Assist Airport Service.


Airport Angels staff are fully trained in airport logistics, dealing directly with airlines, liaising with transport providers and have a pro-active approach to finding solutions to any issues that arise, at Airport Angels we don’t have problems, everything can be resolved!  Our staff are purely focused on the airport experience; their knowledge is used to provide a seamless transfer from aircraft to transport and vice versa.

We do the thinking for you:

From the second you arrive at the airport we will do the thinking for you. As previously stated, our knowledge of the airport and the way it works means that you can leave all the worrying at the terminal doors. Whether it be which check in desk you need to drop your bags at, or what gate you need to get to for your flight, you can leave all that to us and relax.

It’s our second home:

The reason you can leave everything to us and just relax, is because this is our second home! We know every twist and turn of the mystifying maze that is the airport. You’ll be hard pushed to find a piece of marble or carpet that our shoes haven’t touched and therefore, wherever you would like, or are required to go, we can take you.

The need for speed:

As we’ve just said, we know the airport like the back of our hands and therefore we are fully prepared when speed is of the upmost importance! Whether its that alarm that didn’t go off, or you’re just desperate to get your group who have been travelling all day, on to their coach ASAP, we can rev the engines and get you through all the obstacles between where you are and where you need to be, in record time. And of course, on the flip side, if taking your time is more your preference, then that’s absolutely fine as well.

A wide range of clients:

Our clientele is extremely diverse and that is how we like it. We are proud to offer Meet and Assist to anyone and everyone. VIP’s, individual children, parents, people with special requirements, groups and more. We understand that each client can require a different service to the next and we are well versed in providing that, but we can assure you that everyone will be met with the same happiness and desire to help.

We’re not scared to go big:

As stated above, individuals aren’t the only clients we offer a service to. We actually have a very big connection with international and language schools, school trip providers and tour representation services. Providing meet and assist for large groups of both children and adults is something that we’ve done since the very first year that Airport Angels was founded, meaning we have years of experience. If you can handle sixty groups of language school children per day for a couple of months every summer, you can handle anything!

Keeping it Personal:

Finally, we pride ourselves on being a company that goes above and beyond what is required. We understand how stressful sending a child off to the airport on their own can be, so making them (and the parent) feel as happy and comfortable as possible is paramount. A big step towards achieving this is contact. You will always have someone to get in touch with. Our emergency phone is always in hand and ready to be answered at any time of the day!

We are also more than happy to help with requests. From taking your child to have breakfast, to helping with VAT claims, nothing is too much or too strange to ask. Airport Angels is a family run business, therefore everyone is personally committed to making our Airport Angels family feel like part of yours.

So, there we have it, seven benefits of using our meet and assist airport service. Of course, we could have gone on and on, but seven feels like the perfect amount. After all, seven is the perfect number, the most popular number, the luckiest number. Although, there’s no luck in the assistance we provide, just the desire to offer an excellent service.