With just 4 weeks to go things are pretty hectic in the Airport Angels office! As you can imagine there is a huge amount of preparation involved as we count down to the busy summer period. We have taken on 6 new staff, we welcome back 7 staff that have worked with us the last 4 summers, we have offered full-time positions to 6 staff that were originally part-time along with our 6 staff that work all year round…..and that’s just at the London gateways !

There is uniform to be ordered, not just ours but for those schools who like us to wear theirs, the orders need to be placed. Clipboards, Lanyards, Whiteboard Pens, Meet Signs and Backpacks all need to be updated. All this has to be done before we hold our Staff Induction / training / update day at the start of June. Paperwork needs printing, forms need filling, school procedures need to be provided to our staff along with school contact numbers and Emergency Phones. We may have been nagging you for this information but to ensure we continue to provide the best possible service we have to give our staff the best possible start to the season.

We have a huge calendar on the wall, every day of the summer has a list of every member of staff that is available for work and at which airports, we have highlighted some of the very busy days which we either already know or have been advised of by you.

We are organised…..we are prepared…….but we go in completely cold ! We have to recruit our staff based on guesswork, we offer contracts to them and hope if we spread everyone about enough across the week we will meet the needs of our schools and organisations. It is the same every year and we get it right but we shout out to you… anything you can give us in advance would be superb, any bookings you can start loading on our system would be welcomed. We want to give the best and at this point it’s like being blindfolded, we jump in feet first and hope we have prepared enough. We know there will always be bookings coming in on a Friday evening for Saturday morning, we are ready and waiting for those but if you are relying on our services this summer please take our blindfolds off as soon as you can so we can be planning !!!