Google has recently released a travel app called Google Flights. It’s a phone-based app intended to keep travellers updated with information pertaining to their journey. This app allows you to check multiple services at the tip of your fingers, but its newest feature is predicting delays to your flight before the airline has announced it. Google Flights calculates this through a techy algorithm that alerts you if there is an 80 percent chance your flight will be delayed.

Google’s latest venture is a great step forward for travel apps. It is useful, it helps keep travellers informed, and even predicts the future in this instance. But Google Flights only tells you the flight is delayed- it does not solve the issue. This is where an Airport Angel can help.

Here are 3 ways Airport Angels can help you once Google Flights informs you that your flight has been postponed:


  1. Help reschedule flight

The biggest fear for most holiday-goers upon hearing their flight is delayed is often the idea that they’ll miss their trip. A valid concern, after all, you’ve saved up for months to go on your trip and you deserve to get away. It can be even more worrying for travellers who are coming, or going, to study abroad as they could very well miss the start of term. The panic caused by changes to flights times or cancellation is almost unrivalled in the travel world. This is why hiring an Airport Angel can rescue your trip. Our staff have a unique relationship with airlines and our industry know-how and airport savvy helps Angels pull strings for those using our service. More often than not, we are able to talk with the airline and assist in booking you, or your loved one, onto another flight.


  1. Taxi service home

Waiting for a new flight time is usually a short affair- heavy rain, passing mist, or even a baggage mix up can cause minor delays. But, there is the odd occasion when severe weather warnings can result in flight cancellations or day-long delays. In this situation, you should not be forced to find a semi-cosy airport hideout and ride out the storm. Nobody wants to be the shoes-off, coat-as-a-blanket person sleeping on the terminal chairs. And with an Angel by your side you won’t have to resort to that. We offer a taxi service in times of trouble. Our fleet of black cabs will be on hand to take you to the nearest hotel, another airport, or even home, should you decide to leave the airport and wait it out. All you have to do is say the word and we can make this service happen.


  1. We know the airport

Airports can become overcrowded during stressful times, particularly when airlines are being tested and the majority of travellers are panicking. This hectic situation can seem unresolvable- how can we change the weather or fix a plane? Simply- you can’t. But what you can do is book with Airport Angels and have a chaperone assist you through the airport. Our team is designed to deal with situations like these- we specialise in this service- and we aim to make your airport experience the simplest, regardless of the situation.  Should you book with us, an Angel will be on hand to gather all the information they can to keep you updated with the situation. We can assist with finding baggage lockers, check-in times and even wait with you until the airline gives the go-ahead to fly. And, if you book an airside check-in then our knowledgeable team will be able to share every gem of information they know about the airport: the best places to eat, the best places to relax, and the best bookshops to buy from (a good book can get you through hard times).


Although Google Flights is a great service and will inform you of any alterations to your flight time, it cannot deal with the change in circumstance- but an Airport Angel will resolve the issue. Our service aims to ensure you have the simplest journey during your time in the airport. This will not change when encountering delays, in fact, it’s probably when our service is its most useful.

Should you wish to book an Airport Angel meet-and-greet or check-in, please contact us at, or find us on our social media channels. We are currently in the process of updating our website which will make booking with us even faster. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates on this process. And remember, fly safe!