Heathrow, Birmingham, London City. These three airports, of varying busyness, all require the attention of our service. In fact, now that the summer months are approaching they require our undivided attention. Think of the airport like a toddler. When it’s sleeping you can go about your normal day, but the second it wakes up- oh lord- there is a storm. Our storm comes in the form of thousands (and thousands) of student, adult groups, and VIPs arriving daily to the numerous UK airports we are stationed at.

The summer is where we need new recruits. School ends. Parents panic. Children leave. Boarding schools and summer camps love this time of year but for our core group of staff members, it can become a bit overwhelming with the huge influx of excitable students itching to learn the language and make friends. This is where we need you! (or your friends, or family, heck, if your dog has a guide dog certification we’d consider them).

We are currently deep into our annual hiring process where we build up our summer team to facilitate the increase in workload. This job is ideal for college or university students as we offer a 1, 2, or 3 month contract with fixed-rate pay and extra hour bonuses, for the summer months between your studies. Our short-term contracts offer flexibility to anyone interested in signing up.

It is also ideal for those seeking experience in the travel and education sector, with a view to building your CV for future employment. Being an Airport Angel is a fantastic opportunity for work experience in a fast paced travel-based industry. It provides you with an insight into the Language School world which we believe is often undervalued, as are the career opportunities within it.

Progression in the company is a possibility; our Airport Operations Manager started out as an Airport Assistant in Airport Angels’ inaugural year at Gatwick. Since then he has worked his way up the ladder to become a crucial member of the managing team. We have seen that dedication pays off and that’s what we look for in our prospective hires.

We are also hiring year-round staff to join our team, and the summer schedule is a great entry point to a potential future long-term job. We’ve attached some testimonials from current employees which, in their words not ours, explain why they always want to come back and work in pink.

Below are the details and numbers you need to know regarding pay, hours, and contact information. Please give it a read, and if you decide you want to apply, then we can’t wait to meet you!


Please contact siobhan@airportangels.net for further information. Previous experience is favoured but not essential. We prefer passion, hard work, and a Chatty Cathy over an impressive CV. If you happen to have both then please apply.

Ps. For all concerned parents the guide dog comment was joke and we thoroughly vet our candidates before hiring using CBS checks and strong recommendations (excuse the pun).


Summer 2019 Airport (Passenger Services ) Assistants – Heathrow, Gatwick & St Pancras

-Start Date Monday 17 June – End August

-2, 3 4 or 5 Day Week 10-14 Hr Shifts –

-These will be between 05:00 – 22.30



Scott, 24 

(Former Airport Assistant and current Social Media Manager)

“Great job. Long hours. Amazing pay. I worked every summer for five years and it gave me enough money to support myself through each university year and help me travel America once I graduated. The hours can be difficult, and a Boots meal deal will probably become your best friend over the summer, but the 8 weeks of hard work with a fantastic team around you is totally worth it when you get your pay packet. Plus Siobhan is the best boss I’ve ever had. I haven’t met anyone who’s only worked one summer which says a lot about the job.”

Jackie, 60

(Current Airport Assistant)

“The hours are flexible, the students are lovely, and the co-workers are great, which makes this the best way to spend my summer. Delays are always annoying but I get to meet so many wonderful people every day (and practice my French here and there). Cut a long story- I love this job!”

Alex, 23

(Current Airport Operations Manager)

“I started out as an Airport Assistant and have slowly worked my way up the Airport Angels ladder. After a few summers of landside meet & greets I got my Airside Pass, which means I now work year round, heading up the VIP team. Having been with the team since its first year I know the airport and all it has to offer. It can be stressful at times but our team spirit and company benefits have made this a job I’ve never wanted to leave.”