Is your child making the big step of flying alone? Whether it’s a regular journey for schooling in the UK, a trip in the holidays to attend one of the many Language Summer Schools or to visit Dad, Grandma or friends, this can be a confusing nightmare for parents!

How do you make this forthcoming trip one that won’t keep you awake at night in the weeks leading up to the departure day?

  • Make sure that you have a copy of your child’s travel itinerary. This should include dates, airline, flight numbers, departure and arrival times and booking reference numbers.
  • It is important that your child carries documentary evidence of the school they are attending in the UK and details of the person that is meeting them at arrivals. Often this information is requested at immigration and if there is no evidence of someone meeting them at the airport they will keep them there whilst phone calls are made to clarify there is someone there for them. If Airport Angels are meeting them just ensure they have our Emergency Phone number so immigration can quickly confirm with us.
  • Mobile phones should be fully charged before they depart and maybe a ‘power bank’ in case their battery runs out. It’s a good idea to ensure that your home, work and mobile numbers are in your childs phone plus the number of whomever is meeting them at the airport.
  • Keep hand luggage to a minimum !!
  • Remember a small amount of cash for drinks and snacks on their journey or in case of delays. If flights are delayed Airport Angels are happy to take them for something to eat or drink and it helps pass the time.
  • If your child is travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor with the airline they must keep their UM identity pass round their neck – even if this isn’t cool !! Once your child has been handed over to the airline staff, do not leave the airport until your child’s flight is actually in the air. If there is any kind of issue that brings the plane back to the gate, you’ll want to be there if your child is required to disembark. If Airport Angels are part of the departure process our staff always remain in the airport until the child’s flight is airbourne.

Saying good-bye is never easy…….not knowing all the facts could stress you out even more !

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