We are all about the children ! We specialise in providing airport services for the youngsters but that doesn’t mean that once you are over 18 we can no longer help !

Whether you’re young or old, a person with a disability, someone with travel anxiety, or just someone who would like some company through the airport process we are happy to provide our services. Each person needs a different level of assistance and we pride ourselves in meeting these levels. Our Airport Angels are trained to provide travel assistance every step of the way to make your journey through the airport stress-free from start to finish.

We can meet you on your arrival at the airport, whether this is from a taxi, train, coach or at a pre-arranged meeting point we will be there. We will then provide assistance with all the airport procedures from baggage handling, check-in, wheelchair assistance and security, through to the departure lounge where we are happy to remain with you and assist with shopping or even grab a bite to eat ! We will then escort you to the boarding gate and see you safely onto the aircraft.

On arrival into the UK we are able to meet you at the aircraft and provide assistance through immigration and baggage reclaim. We are happy to liaise with your taxi driver or whomever is picking you up or take you to the rail or coach station.

Airport Angels are happy to communicate with carers, parents and family throughout the service to make sure they know you are safe and on your way.

Please contact us for further information on how we can ease your transition through UK airports.