If any of the bullet points below apply to you there’s a great chance you’re a perfect fit for Airport Angels!

  • You’re a UK Language School, Organisation or individual who have children and young adults travelling to the UK to study.
  • You currently use Taxi Companies and school staff to carry out airport duties on arrival and departure from the UK.
  • Co-ordinating, staffing and costs of ‘Airport Days’ are all things you would like to reduce.
  • You need to know your students are cared for by a fully trained and DBS checked airport team who will take responsibility for all children whilst in their care and ensure an efficient transition through the airport.
  • You want to alleviate the administration and organisation of transport to and from the airport and put it in the hands of someone you can trust.
  • You’re frustrated by out of hour’s arrivals and departures or long flight delays and the staffing/costs they incur.
  • You expect your service providers to promptly return your calls and emails, to answer any questions or concerns you have and above all to provide an exceptional level of customer service.