About Us

“Airport Angels was prompted by my own employment as an Airport Assistant for a local language school.” – Siobhan Gardner-Laye (Founder & Company Director)

I spent a lot of ‘waiting’ time in Heathrow terminals watching and chatting to Language School Staff which led to me analysing not only more cost effective methods but also an easier system that would provide a better service for language schools, guardianship organisations and individual clients.

As someone who is driven by a challenge along with a personal flare for organisation and the ability to match services and needs to a client’s requirements, I had to find a solution…….

It didn’t take long…..
Airport Angels was formed and our mission is to;

  • Bring peace of mind and a professional service to all your student transfer requirements at UK Airports.
  • To provide a significantly easier, more convenient and customised airport service experience than organisations are currently able to provide at present.
  • Establish close ties with schools to reduce staffing, costs, administration and liability.
  • Use my extensive travel industry knowledge to continue to maintain close ties with the airlines, airport and airport hotels to assist in providing an ongoing high quality service.

Among our staff we have many years of combined experience in working with young people, the travel industry and business management which has helped us to create a service that is not only effective, knowledgeable and professional but child friendly too!

What makes us different?

We set out to establish a company that focused on the needs of both the organisation and the young person. We created a new approach to translate those needs into providing an expert and efficient service in order to care for them from arrival to check-in with a cost-effective, reliable service.

Our mission is to be…

The most dependable airport service in the UK that sets standards for professionalism and reliability to all who use us.

Our Vision

To be the leader in airport services, providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment for young people, from arrival into the UK to their departure home.

We believe in good planning, hard work and excellent communication !